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West Monroe Boxing Club





Hours and Cost



                                                  Jack Dempsey                                                                                  Lewis and Holyfield





This boxing gym was founded by George William "Buck" McDuffie in 1970.

Buck was a professional boxing trainer and manger for most of his life.

When he passed away in 1985 he left the gym to his son George William "Sparky" McDuffie.

Sparky has dedicated his life to this gym and his fighters. He himself was a boxer for many years and

 won over 20 Golden Glove matches. He was trained by his father Buck until his passing.

Sparky has trained professional fighters such as Adolfo Washington, Richard Savage , and Jeff Williams.

He has also worked with promoters such as Patton Shear, Lou Douva, and Don King.

The boxers have not only traveled across  the United States but places such as Korea, Aruba, Marrorca,

 Mexico, and England.

The boxing gym has a very nostalgic look to it. We put the emphasis on the best training possible which is sticking with the basics and perfecting them.




Work out

We have a basic workout schedule that everyone follows when you come into the gym.

                                   1. Stretch

                    2. Jump rope                                                       

                    3. Shadow box

                    4. Punching bag

                    5. Heavy bags

                    6. Hit the mitts

                    7. Conditioning( sit ups, medicine ball, running, and pushups)








We train all ages and races. We have all kinds of people that work out here in the gym, younger kids to older men as well as girls.

If you are willing to learn and be dedicated to try your best then we will train you.

There are so many beneficial things that come from working out at the boxing gym.

                                        * Getting your body in shape

                                        * Getting healthy

                                        * Also a great form of defense







Hours and Cost

We have very versatile hours for most everybody!

We usually open the gym around 4:00pm and close around 7:30 pm.

The fee to join is 25$ a month

We are located at 1802 north 7th street

in the west monroe recreational center






    For any questions you can e-mail us at:


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